How do you benefit from the services of our company:



Since we maintain long-term contracts with our partners, you do not run the risk of getting to a company with fraudulent intentions. We have put our partners through their paces.


Our network extends across Europe, which enables us to cover a wide range of trades. With over 1000 specialist and auxiliary workers, we can process your request quickly and reliably.


The craftsmen have all already gained extensive experience on German construction sites and, of course, there is always a German-speaking preparatory staff available if required.


We act immediately in the event of staff shortages - you do not risk any costs due to sick leave, because you will be replaced within 48 hours.


Even if you are not satisfied, we are there for you immediately and request an exchange of personnel for you. With ULBA e. K. nothing can go wrong.


The workers come with their own car, without advertising. The protective equipment and tools are carried by the craftsmen and if you cannot find suitable accommodation or are not familiar with accommodation for subcontractors, we are happy to help and advise you.


Thanks to our experience in filling search orders and our effective, targeted communication, we will find the right partner for you within 2 - 14 days. With a work contract you will be provided with trustworthy partners who will do their best for you!



Another advantage for you as a client: our service is completely free of charge for you! *

*Free of charge unless otherwise contractually agreed