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Working in the catering trade


All year round or as a seasonal worker, we work with selected companies who understand that good workers are the salt in the soup and not just a means to an end.


We are looking for our partners:


-Old hands, young savages and newcomers to the industry who want   to learn.


-Areas of application are simple restaurants, restaurants with high -     quality cuisine to large hotels.


So put together your documents and we will take you to your preferred employer.

Our partners are looking for you as:


  • Service staff (bartender, shift manager, buffet)
  • Koch (Gardemanger, Entremetier, Poissionnier, Souschef, Commis, Tournant)
  • Cleaner (housekeeping, maintenance cleaning)
  • Receptionist or concierge
  • Event and event clerk
  • Wellness specialist
  • Kitchen help, cook or dishwasher

Unsatisfied in the company?


Are you looking for a new challenge and want your motivation and commitment to be valued? Would you like to prove yourself and take the next step in your career?


These are the reasons to register with us without obligation, we are looking for the right job offer for you.


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