Contractor - what are your advantages when you work with us?

We from ULBA e. K. are there for you.


Finding an order in Germany is often very difficult and it is particularly difficult for foreign companies to get these orders. We want to remedy this. Send us your references and company informations and we will find the right order for you!


Our customers are distributed throughout Germany and are always looking for good specialists and assistants. Eastern European companies in particular are becoming increasingly popular.


In addition, our fee is only due when you have received payment from the customer!

Lots of time wasted searching and few jobs in sight?


This is where we come in! We have many clients who are just waiting to work with you. We are your contact for:


  • the job search
  • the contact to the client
  • the contract clarification - you will only receive fair offers from us!


Don't give up - work with us!


Specialists and assistants from Eastern Europe


We place specialists and assistants from all over Europe and make them available as subcontractors by means of a work or service contract. Accommodation is often provided, and we are happy to help. As a subcontractor, you benefit from our know-how and negotiation skills.

The shortage of skilled workers has a nationwide impact


Due to the low training quota in the construction industry, the skilled workers in Germany are also shrinking. Many German companies are struggling with this. As a result, the number of companies that acquire specialists from other EU countries is increasing enormously. About 90% of the companies that work with Eastern European specialists rated the cooperation positively.