Our service for you as an employer

Our Philosophy:


We believe that a professional and lively working relationship with our customers is the key to reaching well-founded and fast new goals.

Which are named:


  • the right stuff
  • at the right time
  • in the right place

Our methods


Thanks to our detailed experience in HR, we can achieve a very high degree of agreement between the job requirements and the skills of the applicant through a detailed order intake.



We have a base of applicants in our database, and our multi-channel recruiting only takes hours. Our goal is to present the suitable applicant within the maximum time agreed with the customer.


Experience has shown that this takes place within a period of 7 to a maximum of 14 days, depending on the season (e.g. in the hotel and restaurant industry).


It is our responsibility to make arrangements with the customer


  • conscientious
  • trusting and
  • reliable

to treat.


Our conventional recruitment agency only becomes chargeable through a signed employment contract with the new employee.

You can rest assured that we will make "YOUR" goal of the new appointment "OUR".



Even after the signed employment contract, we are of course happy to assist you.

No matter whether it is that you as a customer support


  • Qualification measures
  • Training measures
  • Replacement of a possibly unsuitable employee
  • Training measures



or something like that.

In concrete terms, we understand sustainability to mean long-term successful customer loyalty.

Our branches


Of course, you can consult us on a wide range of applications, we will find the right employee for every vacancy.


The world has become confusing and short-lived. At the same time, however, we are all full of opportunities. The key words are globalization and speed.


How can we at the same time succeed in continuing business successfully without losing sight of the important renovation to the right extent?

In our view, the answer to this question is hidden in the often overused words LACK OF STAFF



Contrary to what you would expect from a recruitment agency, this means far more than filling positions or entire teams, which of course have to be done again and again.


The answer is to find and release creative and innovative potential in companies.


Because this potential creates solutions.

3 steps and you have a new employee


Step 1:

  • Commissioned by ULBA e. K. and creation of the job and requirement profile

Step 2:

  • Final selection from the presented applicants

Step 3:

  • Creation of the employment contract

Recruiting can be that easy for you in the future.


Expensive job advertisements!

Time-consuming questions from non-qualified applicants!

To block your employees' time!

Return the application documents!

Legally difficult cancellations!

Sustainable personnel development in the demographic change


We are your perfect partner, if


  • You want to outsource your cost-intensive applicant marketing
  • You want to noticeably relieve your HR managers from the very time-consuming search for personnel
  • You do not want to disclose your personnel planning and want to keep calm in your own team
  • You want to take advantage of anonymous job posting
  • You do not want to make time-consuming, long calls to unsuitable applicants
  • You only want to get to know the candidates who meet your requirement profile
  • You do not want to unnecessarily burden your employees' time quota with the legally prescribed cancellation procedure
  • You want us to specifically address suitable employees from other companies
  • You want to use our targeted headhunting to win over the most important employees of your competitor to your company and remain undetected
  • You do not want to do without our individual support for the sake of a fair separation in the separation process from one of your employees

                             Get to know us and use our services.

You only incur costs when the employee contract is concluded


  • We offer you our service in finding the right employee for your company exclusively on a success basis
  • A fee will only be charged when an employee contract is concluded



We support you in the search for new personnel. A pool of applicants is available for quick recruitment, and for a more intensive search we use our modern recruiting channels. We can also arrange temporary staff for short-term appointments.


With us you get everything from one source.

Employee housing



We support you by providing accommodation or finding suitable rental properties in your region.



Are you looking for tailor-made advanced training for your managers?

Would you like to support one or more employees individually?

But you don't have time to plan and organize this?


We provide you with the right offer.



One of your executives no longer meets your expectations, you don't want to publicly search for a successor?


Then you are right with us!