Who do we Convey?


  • Full-time workers for permanent contracts
  • Full-time employees for temporary and seasonal contracts
  • Personnel through temporary agency work (*temporary work) 

On request only: trainees, part-time and mini-jobber


*)Temporary employment is an offer from one of our service partners, and we are only the agent here


What is the process of recruiting?


  1. Inclusion of the job and requirement profile
  2. You place an order (this does not incur any costs)
  3. Start of our multi-channel recruiting
  4. internal selection process
  5. We will present the suitable applicant to you
  6. Your choice / decision
  7. You conclude a contract with us

When do costs arise?

We are convinced of our service, so a placement commission is only payable when an employment contract is concluded.

Our potential for successful recruiting

1. Die Zielanalyse


  • What training should he / she / divers have?
  • The composition of the skills that the ideal employee must have are individual and broad
  • We ask you for the ideal weighting of these individual ability factors and determine the corresponding target profile
  • Because satisfaction for you as an employer, in cooperation with the employee, is only achieved if the wishes and reality match as closely as possible



2. Applicant marketing


  • Marketing through our large Europe-wide recruiting network
  • Marketing through job fairs
  • Marketing through our career network
  • Marketing through external career networks
  • Marketing through our own application medium
  • Marketing through external online portals
  • Marketing through personal and individual contact
  • Marketing through social media

3. Our selection management


  • For selected candidates there is a ranking with different important competencies
  • This should reflect the skills and characteristics that are desirable for you as an employer
  • We select the suitable candidates to present them to you
  • This saves you and your employees from lengthy calls, negative contacts and a lot of time with unsuitable applicants
  • We only present you with candidates who match your requirement profile and would like to have a job in your company

4. Our cancellation management


  • Of course, the appreciation of every single applicant is important
  • We take care of every single cancellation taking into account all legal requirements
  • You are spared any claims for compensation and damages
  • By submitting this procedure, you save yourself considerable time
  • This applicant may be of interest to another customer
  • Resumption of the applicant in our applicant network